Welcome to the Jo Daviess County GIS Internet Mapping Site!

The Jo Daviess County GIS Internet Mapping Site was developed to provide geographic information to county departments, other government entities, non-profit organizations, businesses, and the public. Three portals are available for viewing online maps: Public Access, Subscription Access, and Government Access.

Public Access is free to all users. It has limited base map information such as township boundaries, road centerlines, and corporate boundaries.

Subscription Access is available to users from the public, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other government entities wishing to view more detailed geographic information. The subscription access fees are entirely used to offset the recurring costs to operate this site. Geographic data available through the Subscription Access includes: parcels, addresses, orthophotography, contours, etc. (View all data layers) To become a subscriber, please click on the following links to view the current Subscription Access rates, complete the new user form, and download the Jo Daviess County GIS Internet Mapping Site Disclaimer & User Agreement.

Government Access is limited to Jo Daviess County employees and officials.

Please note that large amounts of data are potentially transmitted during a user's session on this site. The time required for the maps to load into your browser will depend on your Internet connection speed and the amount of data being requested.

This site may be taken offline periodically to install data updates and software maintenance. All efforts will be made to limit downtime. Email notifications with the scheduled downtime will be sent to users prior to performing maintenance.

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