Examples of Parcel Boundary Data

Parcel data is available only through the Subscription and Government Access portals. Online maps available through the Public Access portal do not display any parcel data.

Parcel/property boundaries displayed on the Jo Daviess County GIS Online Mapping Site are intended for property tax assessment purposes only. These parcels are derived from the legal description found on the recorded deed or survey in the Jo Daviess County Recorder's Office or from other public sources. These primary sources should be consulted to verify the parcel boundaries contained on the Online Mapping Site. Due to conflicts, errors, and omissions in the primary sources, the parcel boundaries displayed on the Online Mapping Site should be considered to be the best representation for property tax assessment purposes based upon the available evidence. Parcel boundaries on the Jo Daviess County GIS Online Mapping Site are not legal evidence of size, shape, location, or ownership of real estate, roads, or municipal boundaries. Parcel boundaries are not a substitute for an actual field survey.

The parcel boundary features are connected to the County's Tax Cycle software allowing for parcel attribute information to be displayed. Changes to parcel boundaries or attribute information are updated on the Online Mapping Site within one hour of County GIS/IT Department staff making the change.

Parcel attributes information includes:

  • Parcel ID - unique parcel identification number used by Jo Daviess County Government (example: 02-000-010-00)

  • Owner Name - name of parcel owner on the assessment notice and tax bill displayed as last name - first name (example: Smith John)

  • Mailing Address - the mailing address where the assessment notice and tax bill are mailed to (example: 330 N Bench St)

  • Mailing City, State, & ZIP - the mailing City, State, & ZIP Code where the assessment notice and tax bill are mailed to (example: Galena, IL 61036)

  • Site Address - the site address of the parcel location (example: 330 N Bench St Galena, IL)

  • Total Acres - the area of the parcel measured in acres (example: 100.53)

  • Legal Description - a brief legal description of the property based on the PLSS (Public Land Survey System) or lots and blocks (examples: S21 T28N R3E Pt E 1/2 SW or Lot 3, Block 1)

  • Tax Code - the number that references which taxing bodies the parcel resides in (example: 18020)

  • Property Class Code - the number used to classify a parcel for assessment purposes(example: 0021 = farmland)

  • Zoned - describes how the parcel is zoned and applies to rural parcels in unincorporated Jo Daviess County only (example: AG)